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The Bad News
 If you own a property and fail to comply with local by laws, the council will get somebody like me to fix it up.
 I may charge Council $100 but they will charge you around $500 or more.

Recently Council have dramatically increased penalties and introduced new procedures which has reduced their tolerance and increased the urgency of action and timeliness.

Unfortunately the six foot grass that has been there for six months must be removed yesterday and the four foot grass tolerated in the past now needs be fixed up when it's one foot.

Council are more than ever conducting random inspections and at the same time the general public or landowners neighbouring your land are complaining. 


The Good News
 The council are very fair and understanding. They know that weather conditions etc. can make maintenance difficult and they will grant you an extension where required.  Communication is the key to saving hundreds of dollars.

 Below is your typical council notice.
Fred would much rather fix it up for you than for council. You will save hundreds.
The below notice these days is usually accompanied with Information Notice and possibly even photos.

Please don't freak. Never fear Fred is Here